New Necklaces

I have several new necklaces to list in the shop, but I’ll just be adding a few at a time over the next week or so.  I have some earrings to list as well, but juggling photography, photo editing, item creation, listing, and accounting has become a full time “on the side” job.  Someday, I’ll get everything listed!

Here are three of the newest necklaces:

Silver Key with Pearl

White Acorn Necklace

I had several of these pearl acorn necklaces at my craft shows this past year, but I’m just now adding more colors to my Etsy shop.

Delicate Squirrel Necklace with Crystals

The photo of the squirrel necklace really doesn’t do it justice.  I have to try taking that one over again.  It really sparkles in the light, and the crystals are pink and green bi-color which really doesn’t show either.  Oh well, a snowy weekend is the perfect time to play with cameras, lightboxes, and photo editors, right?

Stop by the shop anytime…it’s always open!


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